Turtles, In Hand

Driving has been treacherous lately. Thanks to our recent rainfall (finally!) the turtles are on the move and they always seem to find their way onto the road. The two little ones in the photos below were fortunate. Treebeard has keen eyes and a soft spot for turtles. He spotted both of them and scooped them up, sparing them from a crushing encounter with the next car or truck to pass. After I took a few pictures we released them close to where he found them, but far from the blacktop.

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Mud turtle hatchling

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Cooter hatchling


John Sanzone said...

Wonderful! Growing up in upstate NY, I saw a good amount of turtles when I was younger. After we moved, I never really got to see any near home. Now it's a rarity and treat on hikes and excursions near wetlands to see turtles, and especially hatchlings. Even in a "rural" place such as I call home, you still have to travel and really look to see even turtles.

Hugh said...

What could possibly be cuter? The turtles in your neck of the woods are in very good hands.

Woodswalker said...

Ooh they are so CUTE!!! Thanks for taking such good care of them. Such a coincidence, I just posted about a baby turtle (mine was a Painted Turtle) on my own blog. They must all be on the move, down where you are as well as up here near the Adirondacks. I wonder if we have Slider Turtles up here. Such a beautiful pattern on its shell.

PSYL said...

They are adorable, especially that last photo.

Thank you for saving them.

wayne said...

As everyone else has noted: so cute, so adorable!

Very good of you both to have put them out of harm's way.

(Just thinking - the large female snapping turtle that haunts our front pond started out just as cute as that. She may be a foot or so across now, and takes no crap from anyone, but she's still sort of cute.)

Anonymous said...

As expected my wife went "Oooohhhhhh... They're soooooo cute!" As the man here I only thought it. Silently.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*always thinks of the Bugs Bunny episode where the "slow and steady" turtle has a motor and exhaust pipes under his shell when he sees a turtle*

*well, maybe not *always* *

My word verification: hagologi

Fun to type, fun to say. Hagologi.

swamp4me said...

I feel very fortunate to live in a place that allows me to step out the door and find all sorts of things living in my yard. We haves tons of turtles here.

The only thing cuter is a toadlet.

Thanks. They were quite cute. BTW, I have been enjoying your photos -- I particularly liked your pictures of the great blue heron eating!

You're right, there is something cute about snappers regardless of their size.

Being manly is very important -- good job ;)

Hagologi...isn't that some sort of Scottish dish? :D

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I barely avoided a youngster at the beach this weekend. Fortunately, the car behind me saw my mad turtle-avoidance swerve, stopped in time and rescued the wee guy. Whew!