Under the Boardwalk

Low light + macro zoom = fuzzy pictures. Oh well, I've never claimed to be a photographer!

Our recent heavy rain showers have the male southern toads (Bufo terrestris) out singing again. There were two under the boardwalk on Monday trying as hard as they could to attract females.

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While they weren't having too much luck with the lady toads, they were proving very attractive to the female mosquitoes. If you look closely at the second toad you will see at least seven of the little suckers on his back.

They were also attracting the attention of several red-bellied water snakes (Nerodia erythrogaster erythrogaster). One snake had a couple of nice lumps in its mid-section.

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But it, too, was being annoyed by mosquitoes.

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Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I would have thought that a reptile's skin was too thick for mosquitoes. Poor toads- no girls, iritating mosquitoes, and toad eating predators.

swamp4me said...

The mosquitoes seem to aim between the scales where the skin is thinner.

Rurality said...

I had no idea that mosquitoes went after snakes or toads!

I swear though, I think you are the swamp whisperer. You get such good close pics of the wildlife!

swamp4me said...

I think there is a mosquito for every life form -- perhaps even mosquito mosquitoes!

Swamp whisperer -- LOL :D