A Froggy Day in November

The trail I've been working on has proved to be quite froggy. Scranton spied this leopard frog in the leaves earlier this week when he walked the proposed route with me. Luckily for me, November leopards are not nearly as nimble as summer ones so I was able to get a picture.

A couple of years ago, in this same area, I found a frog that I was never able to identify. Hopefully I'll find some more of the same kind and finally ID it. Can't have some mystery frog wondering around out there now can we?

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Woodswalker said...

Darling frogs! They are so photogenic. Especially when they sit still for the picture-taking. I love their long-toed feet and how their eyes seem rimmed with gold leaf. I actually like the idea of mystery frogs wandering around out there.

jason said...

Glad the frog was cooperative (read as 'cold'). Very nice shot of a handsome critter!

pushesrb said...

You've got mail!

plumcrazytreehugger said...

wow! just plain ah-dorable froggie! so CUTE!

LauraO said...

Leopard frogs are one of my favorites. Lovely brown on brown coloring. Wasn't he getting chilly?

swamp4me said...

I do love frogs. Leopards are out in all sorts of weather, bless 'em.

Thanks. He was a little cool, a plus for the photographer!

Got it.

Never met a frog I didn't like!

They are handsome devils. I find them out and about on some pretty cool days.