This Afternoon

I made a quick run out on the trail this afternoon on my bike. I am trying out a couple of different runs for a series of bike "hikes" that I plan to lead. As you can see, things are still pretty green here. Some trees, like the sycamores that are along this trail, have dropped their leaves but others are holding tight.

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The growth along the boardwalk (no bikes!) is still mostly green, too. Here and there a maple has turned yellow.

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But out along the canal, if you don't look too far, you can find a spot of color. The trees look pretty when they reflect in the dark waters.

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I have a few days off coming up after tomorrow. I will try to get out and get some "real" pictures. Maybe I will show you our new car...Treebeard and I have gone hybrid. We purchased a Prius last month. Once you get used to the whole no-key, no-ignition thing it's a pretty sweet ride.



Woodswalker said...

I'm so glad you are back blogging again. Your home terrain is so different from mine in northern NY, so it's fun to follow your wanderings. Lovely reflections! Congratulations on your new car.

jason said...

Glad to see you online!

The new car sounds cool. Kudos for going hybrid!

The reflections shot is really stunning. And I like that autumn rolls in a bit slower down here in the South (doesn't everything move slower here?); it usually means more wildlife hanging around longer--and that's always a good thing!

LauraO said...

Beautiful fall swampy pics.

swamp4me said...

The weather is conspiring against me at the moment but I hope to have more pictures soon. Thanks for coming by.

One does develop a certain appreciation of subtle changes here in the South :)
The car is interesting. We are getting around 51 mpg so far. We are going to the mountains soon. It will be interesting to see what sort of mileage we get under those conditions.