Such exotic stuff, rock. It's something we don't have around here except in the form of gravel that's been brought in. Whenever I'm around rock I just have to touch it. This weekend we made a quick jaunt west and got to see lots of rock. If I have an opportunity I'll be back to tell you about our trip.

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LauraO said...

Love the waterfall and layered rocks. Looks a lot like KY.

Pablo said...

Tell us more!

(Don't see any round rocks, though.)

jason said...

Beautiful shots!

jozien said...

Ah, beautiful! I love rock too (and waterfalls:)
For me i live in a land of bedrock, but for some reason i ended up living on a piece of pristine clay with only one or two
glacial-floats. I love my 2 rocks!
By the way i love swamps too!

swamp4me said...

I've always found rocks fascinating, particularly when they are all layered up!

Nothing so unique as your round rocks, I'm afraid. I'll try to get back sometime tomorrow evening and tell you about the area.

Thanks, Jason. Don't you want to come and take some real pictures of that first rock for me? ;)

Funny how life works out, isn't it? I never imagined I would live in a place that had no rocks!