We have had two months of intermittent internet service but after 35 minutes on the phone with a very nice tech named Greg in Shreveport, LA, our issues may at last be resolved. Keep your fingers crossed for us and perhaps we will be back online again soon with more swamp stuff for you. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share at the moment. My camera has not been out of its bag for the better part of a month. Sad, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Swampy-Glad your back online, have missed your posts and photos. Heading to Texas Monday. Leaves are down, ice forming on still water areas, snow on Mt. Kathadin this morning time to move. Hope to read your posts soon. Maineiac

Pablo said...

Whatever. You're worth waiting for!

Carol said...

It was worth the stop to view your header. Now get that camera out and start shooting.


LauraO said...

Having been on dial-up service until a short time ago, I can fully relate to internet problems. Hope you are up and running smoothly again soon.

swamp4me said...

Hope your trip to Texas was without incident. We've had a bunch of Maine boaters heading south the past couple of weeks -- no ice on the water here!

Aw, you say the sweetest things ;)

Glad you like the header. We don't have spectacular color, but at least we get a little.

I was to the point of wishing I had dial-up again! Everything seems to be working properly now though. Amazing how dependent we can become on the 'net!!