Rain, Rain, Rain

No pictures to share today - too much rain and too much wind. We are dealing with the remnants of Ida and as she moves off the coast she's kicking up a nor'easter for us to enjoy. It is supposed to rain all day, all night, all day tomorrow, all tomorrow night, and then begin to taper off on Friday. Such is life.

Treebeard and I plan to experience a change in altitude come Saturday. Perhaps I will have something to share with you come Sunday.

Oh, and a special note to Woverman...there will be no pictures of the new building, inside or out. Sorry I can't give you a taste. I guess if you want to see it, you'll just have to visit!


Floridacracker said...

I love days like that.

woverman said...

Ah... a bargaining chip to get me to come visit, perhaps? haha

And changes in altitude are fun! :-)

swamp4me said...

Ida is the storm that will not die. Her remnant energy has sparked one heck of a nor'easter. Everything around here is closed for the day and low lying areas are flooding. Good thing our house is on what passes for a "hill" around here - we're around 25 ft elevation!

Yep, you'll just have to mosey over this way and see things for yourself ;)