Day Trip

Wind-churned seafoam Posted by Hello

Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary and we decided to celebrate with a day of birding at the coast. We never go to the Outer Banks during the tourist season -- it's too depressing with all those people and the horrible traffic. Instead, we head to the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge during the most desolate time of the year. The refuge is the last remnant of what the Banks used to be like. It is beautiful -- no houses, no restaurants, no putt-putt, no souvenir shops -- just sand and water and wildlife.


SquirrleyMojo said...

Warmest congrats on your 25th. It sounded lovely.

swamp4me said...

Thanks...it was lovely. I am married to an exceptional man and life is good.

thingfish23 said...

I must admit to a soft spot in my heart for putt-putt (or, as we call it, "goofy golf"). Now actual, real-life golf courses are another story altogether, the dumps.