Our Second Ecological Burn

Fire behaving nicely Posted by Hello

Our second burn of 2005 went very well yesterday. A lot of planning goes into these burns -- weather, winds (upper and lower level), fuel type and load, topography, and a host of other things have to be considered before a burn can take place. Our goal is to have a contained, controlled burn that we more or less shepherd -- not a raging, out of control wildfire that we have to fight.


Anvilcloud said...

What a neat blog. I'm glad that you dropped by so that I could find you. I guess I wish that were more of an outdoors person than I have been able to be. Anyway, I love your photos and the whole premise. I don't know what you looked at when you were visiting, but I have a lot of pics of snowy woods and chickadees posted in December and January.

Your comment about being cool in Canada in June brings to mind a father and son from Mississippi that we met in BC a few summers ago. They observed that "it gets cold here." At the time, I thought that they meant winter, but then I realized that they were wearing windbreakers while we were in shorts and tees.

SquirrleyMojo said...

Why do these fire pics make me nervous?

swamp4me said...

They would make me nervous if we didn't have such a good burn boss. He doesn't take chances and he has a healthy respect for what fire can do.