An Unexpected Visitor

Virginia Opossum Posted by Hello

I really didn't anticipate having anything to post today as we are experiencing the heavy rains and winds of a nor'easter. But it just so happens that during the lunch hour we had a break in the rain and an unexpected visit from a 'possum. My husband glanced out the window of our den and spied this lovely critter helping itself to some goodies from the compost pile. Opossums are generally most active at night but are sometimes seen during the day, especially in winter.

While they can't be considered pretty by any means, there is something endearing about a 'possum -- maybe it's those cute little pink feet. This one showed me his teeth (they have 50) and tried to strike a pose that would inspire me to go away. It didn't work. 'Possums will defend themselves when they have to, but most prefer flight to fight and will even play dead when threatened. We noticed that this one had been in some sort of scrape that had cost him the end of his prehinsile tail. The exposed vertebrae looked a little gruesome but the opossum seemed to be doing okay otherwise.

I snapped a few pictures and then left him to his 'possum business. Hope he finds a snug place to hole up in this afternoon and wait out the storm.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Is this little guy an adult? He is kinda cute...I guess.

Anonymous said...

no way. i mean it--he's kindof cute. never thought i'd say it. as long as he remains contained within this photograph, X miles away--not in my trash can, right outside my door, 5x the size and hissing at me
like a plague-infested gutter rat. >shiver shiver<


Michuli said...

I think Virginia is a lovely name for a 'possum

swamp4me said...

Actually, I'm sort of partial to Delphia myself.