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Lost, but not alone Posted by Hello

Not every creature we see out in the woods is wild. My husband found this little guy way out in the back of beyond. The dog has a collar, but no tags. Guess we'll be foster parents while we try to locate the owner. Folks around here use beagles to hunt rabbits, as well as run deer, so there is no telling how much ground this fellow could have covered if he was hot on the trail of something. Right now he is enjoying life in our backyard and seems to have made himself right at home. Our dog doesn't seem to mind having him around -- as long as he stays outside!


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Beagle! Awe! I had a beagle named Patty when I was a boy and she was great.

swamp4me said...

He's a little sweetie. I put up flyers today in the hopes that his owner will see one. Meanwhile, we have dubbed this old man "Bailey" and I bought him his own box of dog biscuits -- he couldn't handle the large biscuits that our dog eats.