Can You See It Now?

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Still having trouble? Maybe this will help...

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It's a Carolina Anole, Anolis carolinensis. This little arboreal lizard has the ability to change color. During warm weather, against a green background, it would most likely be green. This one was scurrying about during our lunch break on Thursday. The day was warm, but very little green was to be found in the flower bed where it was hunting for its food (most likely insects and spiders). I absolutely love these lively little critters. We are just north of their range here in the swamp so it is a treat when I get to travel south, just across the Albemarle Sound, into their range.

Congrats to tai haku over at Earth, Wind & Water for spotting the lizard in the original picture. Good eye!


Jennifer said...

Wow... I'm sure glad you posted the closeups... I was making myself crazy trying to find that critter!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was worth waiting for!


swamp4me said...

Can you go back to the original picture and find it now? Isn't it amazing how "invisible" it is!

Glad you liked it :) I get excited every time I see an anole -- one of the little joys of life for me.

Pushesrb said...

I love those little lizards, they're fun to watch when they do their mating dance! :)

Soooooo...you should maybe drop me an email sometime???

swamp4me said...

Freaky...I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering how you're doing. Hope you had a happy birthday! [And really now, you know you shouldn't watch when they are doing their mating dance ;)]