Tower of Poo

Bear scat has character, there's no doubt about it. Last week I found eight piles of scat within about a tenth of a mile along one of our roads. This one was my favorite though. It was studded here and there with purple beauty berries, white gum berry seeds and the occasional persimmon seed. It rose an impressive 6 inches tall - a veritable tower of poo.
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Jennifer http://winterwoman.wordpress.com said...

yeah. that's pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's why this is such a dandy blog!


swamp4me said...

I find that people are somewhat fascinated by bear scat -- the composition and the sheer volume come as a surprise to many. Since I live to serve, I gladly photograph and post to share with others the wonder of scat ;)

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I'm glad you provided the dimensions. It seemed much bigger at first glance.

Cathy said...

And I thought my turkey sighting was awesome.