Pilfered Pics

Shhh...quiet now. I sneaked into Treebeard's files and lifted a few photos. Jennifer wanted to see some of what I was so jealous about in a previous post. One of the things was that Treebeard observed a pair of eagles near this nest. He was out checking for illegal hunting activity on the park when he heard a cracking noise behind him. He turned to see what made the noise and saw an eagle carrying a branch it had just snapped from a tree.

This is the tree where the eagles are building their nest. The tree is on an island and Treebeard had to use maximum zoom to get this picture. (It was cloudy yesterday when I went for my walk so the picture I took of the nest didn't turn out very well.)

Another of the things that made my green-eyed monster rear its ugly head was the number of otters Treebeard saw that same day. Below you will see a photo of the "Gang of Three," a group of bullies that attacked a young otter and ran it out of the pond. Such behavior! Here they are on a beaver lodge - the same lodge that one of them entered last week and apparently attacked the beaver inside. Yes, Treebeard heard and saw that little episode, too!

What was I doing at the time? I was at the work swamp measuring the height of the water in the pump tank of the septic system!! Ah, the glamorous side of rangering...


Jennifer said...

I just caught up on several of your posts. (Maybe I read too many blogs?) Anyway, thanks for catching me up on Treebeard's adventures. And I love your pictures from your (nearly) solo meander!

swamp4me said...

Glad you stopped by. I've been enjoying your recent fungi adventures on your blog.