Checking Us Out

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So far the neighbors approve of us, I think. After we mowed the field where we intend to put the house, a pair of red-tailed hawks made it their business to check us out. This is the larger of the two. They seem to like what we've done with the place. It's much easier for them to hunt in the area we cleared and they seem to like the fact that we didn't mow everything in sight.

Yesterday Treebeard worked hauling old bricks to the property to help in preparation of the driveway. I was feeling a tad under the weather so I didn't go with him. The smaller of the two red-taileds kept him company though. The hawk caught some hapless little rodent, so we know at least one of the birds had a full belly to help keep it warm during last night's rainfall.

Speaking of the rainfall: an inch and 9/10ths fell overnight and this morning! Yippee!!! There are actual puddles out there - a very rare sight these days. Of course, it was a short-lived storm. Now the sun is out, with temps in the 50s and a strong breeze is blowing. The puddles won't last long...

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