Do You See It?

There is a critter in this picture. Can you find it? It's doing a pretty good job of hiding in plain sight. We don't have this particular critter here in the swamp, but they are common in the park we traveled to today for day one of our annual first responder refresher training. I'll post a closer shot later. Meanwhile, happy searching!

Oh, and extra credit if you find it without enlarging the photo ;)

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Rurality said...

Dagnabbit. I can't even find a critter AFTER I enlarge it!

swamp4me said...

Hehe...it's a sneaky little devil. Blends in very well with its surroundings :)

Lynne said...

Waa! I can't see it!

Anonymous said...

I can't find it either!


tai haku said...

Well I found a critter - It wasn't what or where I was expecting though and no chance without enlarging.

It is the reptile right?

swamp4me said...

Good eye, tai haku! Yes, it is the reptile.

Lynne and Pablo, don't feel bad. It is extremely hard to find.