Mellow Monday

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Treebeard and I had the holiday off today so we went on a wander.
Over the next few days I will try to share some of the things we saw. Right now I have to get ready for tomorrow - it's back to work for both of us, I'm afraid. Word has it that my desk is full of program requests and other business that requires my attention.
Maybe I should climb up into this tree with the treefrog and just pretend I don't have all that waiting for me at the office...

Green treefrog, Hyla cinerea, in American beech, Fagus grandifolia.


Anonymous said...

I empathize with the feeling, but I think the treefrog has better camouflage than you do.

Floridacracker said...

Wow, your new header is a zinger!!

swamp4me said...

The treefrog definitely does a better job of being inconspicuous -- guess I'll just have to be a grown-up and go to work.

It wasn't supposed to be that big, but people seem to like it so I left it alone.