First Frog!!

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Oh yeah!
They've been calling regularly for a while now but I hadn't seen one until tonight. While I was sitting and reading I kept catching a fleeting glimpse of something, just a suggestion of movement, at the window. Each time I turned my head to look, nothing. Then, quite by accident, I saw it.
A spring peeper on the porch!
Woohoo :) I'm happy.


KaHolly said...

I sawa your title and the adrenaline started pumping! How exciting. Won't be long before we'll be hearing them, too. (If it ever stops snowing, that is.)

pushesrb said...

I know that made your night :)

swamp4me said...

I was surprised to see the little fellow on the porch -- the party was across the road in the swamp! Almost felt as if I should have taken him over there :)

Oh yes, it had me smiling for sure. BTW, have you visited the blog, Amanda's Veranda? If not, you should - lots of pretty horses.