Rainy Day Blahs

While it is true that I got a lot of work done today, it was not necessarily work of my liking. I do so hate to be inside all day. But, as it was raining, dreary and gray out, I guess if I had to be in all day this was a good day for it.

Since I'm sure you aren't interested in seeing or hearing about the paperwork, phone calls, emails, and minor repairs that filled my day, I'll share this photo with you instead.

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The sycamore, Plantanus occidentalis, has always been a favorite of mine. I wrote a poem about it when I was 8, as a matter of fact. The leaves are beautiful, the seeds are fun, and the bark is compelling, even when wet ;)


amarilla said...

Here in Brooklyn we have lots of similar trees, the London Planes, Platanus x hispanica, that were planted as street trees in the 40's or earlier. I've heard them described as piebald. Yes, piebald and so much more.

swamp4me said...

I traveled to NYC one time and was delighted to see trees that reminded me so much of our sycamores. It wasn't until after my trip that I learned they were indeed in the same genus.
In these parts I've heard the bark described as "camouflaged."