Work Swamp Monday

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Today was a crazy, busy Monday. Lots of odd-ball things took place.
For example, I wasn't expecting to, but I ended up spending part of the day with a two-man crew as they surveyed a new piece of property at the park. I will have to mark that boundary, so I wanted to know exactly where it is. The guys were a lot of fun and I learned a little about surveying, too. The little blue speck in the center of the photo is the lead surveyor. I was amazed at how straight a line he was able to maintain through all that vegetation. Those guys work hard!
Other events today included two staff members experiencing family emergencies and having to leave early. I'm beginning to think the moon has something to do with events...


woverman said...

Isn't surveying just loads of fun?

swamp4me said...

More fun than I can say. At least this area was relatively free of downed trees and had only moderate briars!