Another One!

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Different porch, same species of frog. I found a lone spring peeper on the back porch at work today. Initially, I mistook it for a curled, dried leaf ;p
Pseudacris crucifer crucifer

On a completely different note, Treebeard has taught our cat Friday how to play catch.
It is hilarious to watch -- she is crazy for her "crack" mouse and nuts over her little superball. He will throw one of them and off she'll go to get it, bring it back and drop it so he can throw it again.
That's my kitty!


Woodswalker said...

I think you have the cat thing backward: Friday has taught Treebeard how to play catch. We had a cat that would play this way, too, and if she couldn't find "her" ball, she would tip over the wastepaper basket, find a crumpled wad, and trot over and drop it at my husband's feet.

I love seeing signs of spring heading this way, although it's quite a ways to my neck of the woods up here near the Adirondacks. If you're hankering for views of snowy woods and icy rivers, come visit my blog at www.saratogawoodswaters.blogspot.com

swamp4me said...

LOL, you may have a point! Friday does seem to have Treebeard wrapped around her little paw ;)

jozien said...

Aw, what a lovely frog. Now that makes me long for spring.
I hope your cat doesn't like frogs...

KaHolly said...

Day two of snow in Central Maine makes me long for spring peepers! But I'll have to settle with seeing yours for now and working with on my cards. They keep spring in my craft room, anyway.

swamp4me said...

Not to worry, I keep all of my cats indoors. Cats are just too good at killing little critters to be allowed outside.

Sounds cold up there. We're cold here this morning - low 20s with highs only in the low 40s. Bet the frogs are hunkered down this morning.

Beau said...

Just heard the peepers out last week in our area of Missouri. So cool to hear them again! I remember working at Mingo Nat. Wild. Refuge years ago... the only area we have that qualifies as swamp. I look forward to seeing yours- and remember how engaging it was to watch spring unfold in such a diverse and vibrant ecosystem.

NatureGirl said...

HI, Swampy!

I was tickled that you visited my blog - yours was the inspiration to start mine!

I, too, had a cat who liked to play fetch. I would toss his mouse from the bed, he'd LEAP off the bed, retrieve the mouse, bring it back, I'd throw it, he'd LEAP from the bed...it was fun. None of my other cats were/are fetchers. although I have one now who is a tosser - anything not nailed down (especially on dressers at 4:30 AM) is fair game.

swamp4me said...

I've never been to Missouri but I'd like to go sometime. Meanwhile, I'll listen to the peepers sing and share the approach of spring in the swamp.

I love your blog -- all those tracks and piles of scat and other animal sign! Plus I enjoy reading about your adventures with the kids for whom you do your programs.
Plus, I fully understand your "tosser." I have one that mines in the bowl on my bedside table - hair elastics, earrings, sharks teeth, rubberbands, acorns, snail shells -- whatever I put in, he takes out.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Swampy!!!! May you have many more. Ratdog and I send our love and congratulations.
What better present for you than finding a little frog.

Love, SIL and RATDOG

P.S. Ratdog thinks Friday learned to fetch from her.

swamp4me said...

:) Thanks! Oh, and Friday says "Pprrtt-yow." Not sure Ratdog wants me to translate that ;)

Susan Rose said...

This little peeper looks like he's been dipped in egg-n-milk, then rolled in cornmeal or sand... a great camouflage, I'm sure.

swamp4me said...

Susan Rose,
Your description of the peeper is making me want some fried okra (rolled in the cornmeal, not the sand!).