Millpond Ramble

Baldcypress, mirrored in the dark water.

A little accidental chickweed garden, 20 feet up. Just exactly how did chickweed find its way
into the fork of a beech tree? Inquiring minds want to know...

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A favorite spot out on the pond. The scrappy little tupelo gum in the front is sporting some mistletoe.

Red cedar bonsai - this tree's been the same size for the last 30 years. I've always considered it the millpond Christmas tree.

Red-backed salamanders were under nearly every log we rolled today. Tough little amphibians. This one is a youngster still.

Three very different trees stand together by the water's edge -- a beech, a swamp black gum, and a baldcypress. See the red shirt that Treebeard's wearing? I gave it to him in 1978 :)

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Last, but definitely not least, another favorite tree. There is something about the base of this tree that always draws my eye.

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk this afternoon. The temperatures climbed into the mid-60s and the wind was gentle. I have been gone all week and haven't had a chance yet to catch up on comments, but I will. I also need to check Google Reader and see how many posts I need to read...


Tom said...

Wow, red backs already! I'm jealous. Great stuff.


KaHolly said...

Your photos are exquisite! I am so envious and can't wait until spring here.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, especially the first with the reflection. I think we're all ready for spring.

swamp4me said...

The area we were walking is great red-back habitat. We found quite a few and only one was a lead-back.

Thanks. Around here February usually offers up a few tantalizing warm days, but we're bound to get zapped with cold a couple of more times before the equinox.

It has been a very long winter. Spring will be most welcome when it comes!

Floridacracker said...

Love your millpond.
Wow, that shirt is older than my NPS vest and parka ... only 1984 for them.

Manatees tomorrow on PF!

Pablo said...

You should submit this post to the next Festival of the Trees.

swamp4me said...

Glad you like the pond. It's a special place -- but you know how that is. The shirt was the first Christmas gift I ever gave Treebeard -- he's a romantic at heart -- that, and a pack rat ;)

I might just do that. Who's hosting the next one?

harttwins said...

Reading your comment about the red shirt you gave him in 1979 reminded me that I still have and wear several sweatshirts that Steve M. gave me as hand-me-downs in the early 1980's.

swamp4me said...

;) Cut from the same cloth you two. If you look closely you might note that those pants he's wearing are a very familiar shade of green...
RARO Ranger DB was at ALERT with me last week.

Swamp Thing said...

Is that really a red cedar and not a white cedar in the middle of that pond? That would be pretty unique!

swamp4me said...

swamp thing,
Yep, it's a red cedar growing in an old cypress stump. The closest white cedars are about 4 miles away.

Dreamybee said...


Just coming over from the Festival of Trees. Love all your pics! What a beautiful and fascinating area you are in.

swamp4me said...

Welcome, Dreamybee. I'm glad you like the swamp!