Down at the Bridge

While I was manning the bridge today I had a little avian company. This cormorant dropped in to do a little fishing and then hopped up on the fender to dry off a bit. I didn't get any good, clear shots but I got a couple of passably fair shots to share. Hope everyone had a happy Monday!



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Note: My keyboard issue, while not resolved, has improved. The zero key is still quite touchy but random zeros are not appearing with the frequency they did yesterday. I am cautiously optimistic...


Randy Emmitt said...

Great close up. I took a close up of a cormorant a few weeks ago, it was a Neotropical Cormorant in Belize.

Hope that keyboard clears up, try a vacuum cleaner to the keys! Might be dirt or crackers in there.

KaHolly said...

Think the pictures came out pretty good! Sometimes that's all the company one needs!! ~karen

Woodswalker said...

Who knew that cormorants had blue eyes? Your photo was good enough to show us that, anyway,

Glad you zeroed in on your zero problem.

biobabbler said...

I assume (and infer from reading about sub-adults) this is a double-crested?

Woodswoman Extraordinaire said...

Heck, I think those are great shots! I love the blue eye, and the absurdly ungainly appearance of a water bird out of water.

Ellen Rathbone said...

Oooo - look at that tourquoise blue eye! Who knew! Very cool indeed.

jason said...

Magnificent shots! I always like it when they're in just the right light to bring out that gorgeous blue.

swamp4me said...

Belize? Aweso0me! As you0 can see, the keybo0ard is still giving me pro0blems -- it's brand new so0 there shou0ldn't be any crumbs or0 candy in there yet


Jaso0n of xeno0gere is the o0ne who cued me in o0n the blue eyes. If you0 haven't visited his blo0g you're missing o0ut o0n so0me really great pho0to0s. And I o0bvio0usly still have a zero0 pro0blem!!!

Yes, it is a dou0ble-crested. I should have IDed it in the p0ost -- so0rry.

It's the feet that get me! I lov0e ho0w the bird hangs o0n with tho0se o0utrageou0s to0es.

They are pretty, aren't they?

Thanks. I wish I cou0ld take a picture half as go0o0d as o0ne o0f you0rs!