Quite the Quirky Quercus

We paddled down Bennett's Creek today. I didn't get many pictures, but I thought I'd share this one...


It's an oak tree growing right next to the main run of the creek. I'm not quite sure what caused the odd growths, but the woodpeckers seem to find them intriguing. The apex of each projection had a tidy little excavation -- that was worded in an odd way, I know. If I had left it as I had originally written it, this post would have had received hits from people searching for something completely different ;)
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Randy Emmitt said...

Mistletoe perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Swampy, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, SIL and Ratdog

swamp4me said...

We didn't see any evidence of mistletoe...but I have seen some odd growths as a result of mistletoe.

Thanks, SIL and Ratdog!