Unfortunate Lagomorph

Based upon its cranial characteristics, I believe this unfortunate lagomorph was a marsh rabbit, Sylvilagus palustris. Provided, of course, that my reference book, Wild Mammals of North America, edited by Chapman and Feldhamer, is correct. The habitat was also more suitable to a marsh rabbit than an eastern cottontail...


I have always been curious about that set of "pegged" teeth behind the upper incisors...
One of these days I may actually get around to doing a little reading about those teeth -- but not today.
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A side note...yesterday I mentioned the OLF in my post. Today, when I checked my site meter, I discovered the Navy had visited my blog -- four times, beginning with that post. Could be coincidence, could be something else. Either way, I find it interesting...


Anonymous said...

Our family has lived in the Sandbanks for generations, we are blessed to live in this
unique and special area and we will continue
working to protect our wonderful wildlife and
natural resources.
Thanks for visiting the Sandbanks!

swamp4me said...

It is a special and beautiful place.

Ellen Rathbone said...

OLF and naval visitations...isn't that interesting. One of those "things that make you say 'hm!'".

Anonymous said...

I live in the sandbanks area and participate with bird watching and post on ebird and other sites. It is creepy to know the Navy is spying on us all the time. Thanks for posting your observation and the Navy count, it's nice to know that we can let them know their not so secret. Your pictures are good, I love to take pictures of birds and butterflies, and any nature photos. Would love to share some sometime. Thanks Sandbanks Girl!

nfmgirl said...

Those little pegged teeth almost look like support beams, don't they? As if they are just there to lend support to those long thin front teeth?

I found a skull while on a hike in the mountains in WA once, and kick myself all the time for not having picked it up so that I could try to identify it. I'd never seen anything like the ridge on the top of it, and "prehistoric" remains were always being shaken loose from the sides of the mountains. When we came back by that way later, the skull was gone. So someone else probably grabbed it. Doh!

swamp4me said...

Yes, it generated a definite "Hm!"

Sandbanks Girl,
This county is great for wildlife, isn't it?! Do you ever do any bird watching at the millpond?

Could be support...or maybe a place to rest the lower teeth when the rabbit's mouth is closed...or maybe even there just to vex me!!
Sorry about the missed opportunity with the skull. I've done things like that before and they do seem to nag you for a long time.

CE Webster said...

Interesting skull you found there. A coincidence about the navy? I wonder.

swamp4me said...

I imagine there is some little bot crawling the web looking for a particular set of words...not that I'm paranoid or anything ;)

fisheywishy said...

No never have, would love to spend some time there. Besides birds I love butterflies so to see your photo of one at the Sandbanks was good. I did see a question mark today also, I believe they overwinter as adult. My sister and I raise some butterflies during the summer.
I haven't even seen the new visitor center yet, I guess my excuse is either too hot with snakes
( which I hate) and mosquitos. Spring might be good before the ticks get a head start! Could you tell me the best places to go to see birds and butterflies? Looks like you had an exciting day on your birthday, All the critters were ok with me except the gator, way too close for me.
Happy Birthday!