O)h Wo0e Is Me

No0tice anything o00000000000dd abo0ut this po0st? What's that you0 say...zero0000000000000s are ap0p0earing in o0dd p0laces and so0metimes running amuck? Yeah, I no0ticed that to0o0000000000000000000000000. It's a new keybo0ard and it seems to0 have issues; issues that I am to0o0 tired and discou0rged to0 deal with to0night. So0 co0mments will go0 unanswered, emails will go000000000000000 untyp0ed. But, to0mo0rro0w is ano0ther day and I will p0repare myself fo0r battle o0f the techno0lo0000000000gical so0rt.
Night, night.


Floridacracker said...

Poooooooooooooooor Swampy!

Anonymous said...

0000uch! With all the 000000s I th0ught it was an0ther article ab0ut the deficit!

swamp4me said...

Yes, definitely poor Swampy. But things are better now. After much tweaking, I think the keyboard will cooperate -- as long as I do NOT touch the zero key or try to close parentheses...

An understandable confusion LOL