Northern Rough Green Snake


Saw three of these little guys today...a very nice Mother's Day present!
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jason said...

Great shot! They're such handsome critters. Seeing three of them in a single day is truly a gift (they're usually so hard to find).

Murr Brewster said...

OHHH! I was just saying yesterday, yes yesterday, that I hadn't seen a green snake since I was a little girl. Now, that was not only long ago but far away, yet I've heard there are green snakes on the west coast too. I was speculating that perhaps I don't spend as much time close to the ground as I used to.

Sadly, I tip over so often that that just isn't true.

swamp4me said...

jason, the place I work is loaded with green snakes. We see them quite frequently.

Murr, perhaps you're a tad too close to them to see then.