I am not one to be easily creeped out by Mother Nature -- she got me with this little scene, though. Poor box turtle.
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Floridacracker said...

When I hear YOU say "YIKES!, I have to make that the first click of the day.
You're right, poor boxy.

Pablo said...

Thanks for sharing, I think.

Woodswalker said...


gillesarbour said...

Ouch! Could the turtle actually die from this?

Ellen Rathbone said...

I had to enlarge the photo to see what it was! Holy cats, those are a LOT of mosquitoes! Poor thing - no wonder it's got a rather angry look to its eye!

KaHolly said...

OMG! I never would have imagined. ~karen

Hugh said...

Evil arthropods. They are always causing grief. You need to make our friend a tiny bee-keeper hat (he probably wouldn't appreciate being sprayed with DEET).

Garden Lily said...

Ouch! Makes me itchy just looking at it!

swamp4me said...

Well, you know how the ranger business is -- you have to deal with all sorts of things ;)

Just makes you want to come visit the swamp, doesn't it?

My sentiments exactly.

A smaller turtle may die from the loss of blood, but I think this one will probably be okay. He moved on a couple of minutes after I took this picture. Hopefully he moved to an area with fewer mosquitoes!

If I could have reached him, I would have done some skeeter swatting for him.

It does look odd to see mosquitoes on reptiles, but it happens all the time. I see them on frogs and toads, too.

I could make a fortune if I could sell little bug hats to all the wildlife here!

Garden Lily,
Roger that!

Tom said...