Hello Frustrations

I know, you come here expecting to see the denizens of the swamp and for several days all you have seen is that silly tick. Why? Because for some reason, known only to itself, Hello has decided to quit working. Oh, it tells me it is putting my images on my blog and asks me to wait as this "might take a few seconds," but then, nothing. Nada. Zip. I wait and wait but see no little reassuring Kbps numbers in the lower right of my screen, I see no "Post successful" message.

So, being a responsible-type, I go to the online help which refers me to the online forum where, by gosh, I find someone with an inquiry about the exact same problem! When I click on the reply to said inquiry to learn how to fix this little problem, I am told that I must first join Google Groups. Why? I am already a Picasa and Hello user and I am just looking for a solution to a problem with the software I am already using. Maybe I am just in a mood today...but I don't want to have to join to get an answer.

By tonight I will probably fold and sign up for the blasted GG, but for right now I am going to stick out my lower lip, put my hands on my hips, stomp my foot, and whine. When I am done raging against the machine I will attempt to post again. So please know that in the meantime, I am thinking of all you swamp-deprived people out there and I am still taking pictures to share.


Watchmania said...

Have you tried reinstalling Hello and Picasa?

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Hello can be kinda icky. I've half decided I don't like the quality of the image after Hello touches it. That's part of the reason why some of my pictures are posted via Hello and some are on Photobucket. Maybe give Photobucket a shot?

Dee said...

I and several of my friends use photobucket. It works well for me.
I am not a photographer though. I love the frog pic.

Anonymous said...

grr Hello.

and they pretend to be O so friendly and free . . .

on the bright side, we'll have lots to catch up on--

that is, if you don't get too frustrated with the whole process and, gulp gulp, leave us.


Rurality said...

Swampy, Hello seems to be working fine for me so maybe you're just lucky.

I did have problems once before. Switching to Flickr for a day seemed to straighten out the Hello problems right quick. :)

Of course I know that you are actually in the grips of Pseudocrack, er ah, Su Docrack, oh I mean Su Doku.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Yep, Hello worked for me just this morning. If you're still having issues, it's on your end unfortunately.