Must Be Home, 'Cause There's a Snake in that Tree

Black Racer (Coluber constrictor) Posted by Hello

I am simply too tired to write anything about this snake other than to tell you it is an odd looking black racer that has camped out in a dead tree in our front yard.

Perhaps when I have recouperated from the drive back from Charlotte I will able to think and type coherently. Until then, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

(Home...there's no place like it and I am very happy to be back.)


Anvilcloud said...

He looks cute there -- in a photo -- far away from me.

Rurality said...

It must be snake week. :)

I'm glad you said it was a tree... I was about to think that you'd built him a mossy little house, LOL.

Nice pic.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Back in 1802 I was encouraged to hold a snake at a museum. I did.

Here we are in 2005 and well, go Anvilcloud, because that's the last time I held a snake.

Helton Rosa said...

Nice pick indeed. All of them, you are good!

Nice job.