Lunchtime Encounter

Our dog discovered a couple of very young opossums today during our walk at lunchtime. She's a very well behaved dog, but the little 'possums were taking no chances. Each one scurried up the nearest sweetgum tree and got itself out of the reach of the big, black dog. They were quite agile little climbers.

This one thought it was hidden because it couldn't see me...

...but when I moved a couple of feet to the right - smile, little 'possum!

They're such cute little critters. I wonder if they are the offspring of the cropped-tailed opossum that was hanging around here this winter. Guess I'll never know unless I happen to see them all together before the little possums are completely on their own.


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*snickers and says only this*


swamp4me said...

Excellent retention of information, Mr. B! You get a gold star.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Woo hoo! Do you know how rare it is that someone says I have good retention? (I don't remember, that's why I'mm asking.)

Yeah me, a gold star!

Ginger said...

Do I see that little guy actually SMILING down at you?! What a treat these pictures were this morning.

Rurality said...

They are a lot cuter as babies, huh?!

Hey Swampy, if you get a chance, take a peek at my blog today and see if you think I've got the right snake ID.

You know I depend on you for herp IDs, LOL.

Anonymous said...

why are you making me like these little critters???