One Last Thing

Just so you don't think I'm a wimpy ole quitter...

I bit the bullet and joined the Google Groups thing because I really would like to resolve this picture posting issue. What did I learn? Number one, I am far from alone in this problem -- it is mildly rampant! And number two, there appears to be no resolution for it. People have tried a tremendous range of remedies, but to no avail. Plus there were MANY letters referring to the lack of response to requests for help.

C'est la vie!



Anonymous said...

I would never think you were a quitter. I'm just sad at being stuck in my part of the world w/o access to swamp critters . . . :-(

Hope to hear from you in the future & will keep this URL just in case.

Best wishes,

Watchmania said...

I'm gonna miss this swamp


Keith, RN said...

Keep trying! Your blog is a part if my daily surfing habits!