This raccoon was watching us from a tree along the trail beside our house.


Cuppa said...

Oh he is so cute sitting up there in that tree. He wasn't nearly so cute one hot summer night when he tried to get into my tent while we were camping.

We had a huge thunderstorm go through our area just after dinner that night and AC quickly put the camper stove inside the storm flap on my side of tent to keep it dry. He forgot he put it there and we went to bed. Well the raccoons were determined to get at the delicious smelling stove around 3am and I spent most of the night shooing them away. I couldn't figue out what in the world they were after. It all made perfect sense in the moring when we found the stove tuck safely inside the storm entrance shelter on my side of the tent. Sheesh! I am just glad we weren't camping in bear country that night!!!!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I am soooo not a nice person when my sleep is interrupted. That little critter is about as cute as he can be though.