Walking on Sunday

Sunday mornings mean water-testing followed by wandering. This morning we opted to wander along a section of trail we seldom visit. Why would two people who work in the woods all week choose to spend their time off wandering in the woods? Because it's what we love to do, particularly together, on our own time. While we both enjoy introducing nature to those who spend most of their time insulated from it, sometimes it's nice just to walk along and share the wonder with each other. We find everything interesting and that sometimes annoys others :-)

Below are three of the 105 pictures I took this morning - it was a slow day image-wise.

Pine Warbler, Dendroica pinus, in an oak tree

Female Downy Woodpecker, Picoides pubescens

Crab spider, most likely Misumena vatia, but I'm not at all certain...


Ontario Wanderer said...

Yes, Églantine and I wander several times a day on our property and then go other places to wander at least once a week. There is always more to see and wonder at no matter how often we go. I think it would be great to share a walk with you two sometime as our interests seem to be similar.

Watchmania said...

When the woods is your office, going to work is a pleasure. I have an actual office which I hate and spend as little time in humanly possible. One day I'll escape it forever, even if I have to live in a tent.

I wonder who has vacancies for a professional wanderer-around-with-dog-and-camera?

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Can't...comment...brain filled...and...overflowing with...Woody Woodpecker theme.


Send help.

Floridacracker said...

Any clear, close photo of a warbler is a success!

Amy Stewart said...

Amazing photos! I just discovered your site--looking forward to seeing more--