Attitude Adjusted

There was just enough juice in my partially charged battery to take a few pictures on this morning's hike. The birding was a bit slow, only saw 31 species, but there was plenty out there to make the walk worthwhile. Not a single picture of a bird though -- trying to focus on the feathered ones while they are flitting about is a real battery depleter.

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The pond is shifting gears, changing from summer greens to autumn's more varied hues.

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Leaves of jewelweed shining with morning dew.
This plant is also known as spotted touch-me-not. When the seed pods ripen you can give them a pinch and they will throw their seeds -- sometimes a pretty impressive distance.

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A stinkbug nymph. One of the later instars, I think. Not sure which species.

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A pigeon horntail, Tremex columba, perched on Treebeard's fingers. Don't worry, even though they are in the same order as wasps, these don't sting.

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Whoops, how did a picture of a green treefrog get onto my blog?

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Oh my, there's another one!

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Now this is just getting ridiculous! This one's not even green.

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Ah, but this one is.

Happy to report that my earlier crabbiness has been eliminated.
My attitude is now properly adjusted.
Funny how that will happen when you are surrounded by things that make you smile.


Crowe said...

Ah, lots of lovely tree frogs. That's bound to make you smile.

Are new species of things still being found in your swamp? It teems with so much life, I imagine previously undiscovered critters must be found from time to time. Swamp yetis and so on ...

swamp4me said...

No undiscovered species as yet, but who knows? We do find rare species from time to time and species previously unknown to be in the region. Still looking for those yetis though...
Treebeard has had campers swear that they saw Sasquatch at one of the campsites ;)

Hugh said...

Fence-top Frog is particularly fine.

swamp4me said...

He was quite the cutie -- but then again, I say that about all of them!

Jane said...

It's funny how nature can sort your attitude out... I always go for a walk when I'm feeling crabby. You can't be cross and see a little frog like that.. it just doesn't work! Great photos as always, the first one is very atmospheric... Thanks for posting. Jane

swamp4me said...

Mother Nature has pulled me out of a bad mood more than once. A walk always helps put things in proper perspective!

Tom said...

Someone must have hacked into your blog and posted those pictures of green tree frogs! I love them too, when I was in in South Carolina this past spring, I spent hours photographing the green tree frogs. Our gray tree frogs here in Ohio are anything but photogenic. They mostly are high up in the trees.


swamp4me said...

You're brilliant! That must be it - a hacker with a thing for frogs ;)
I see our Cope's gray treefrogs from time to time and of course I photograph them, too -- but they tend to be difficult to photograph well.