Friday, the _lepto _itten

There is a slight problem with my _eyboard. Seems that my new _itten, Friday, is a _leptomaniac. She leapt upon the _eyboard and absconded with both the j and the _ _eys. Luc_ily, we quic_ly found the j but the _ is still at large.

Such a naughty _itty!


Anonymous said...

Swampy-Can you spell stool sample?

Pushesrb said...

Lol. Nice post. Gotta love those teenager kittens! Into EVERYTHING! Want another? ;) I've turned into a rescue home. Someone gave me 3 kittens no more than 3 wks old to nurse, because her husband works for DOT and found them under a bridge in a box with a rock on top of the lid. People...bleh.

So now, I have 3 now 6 week old kittens ready for new homes. 2 of them have homes, just need one more. Lol

Mary said...

That's too funny. BTW, that's one fat snake. Eww. Gave my husband the heebie jeebies. He hates snakes. Love your blog though!

Mary in Florida

Anonymous said...

What is it with cats and computers? It's too funny she stole the very key you need to type about her.

Susan said...

If you're luc_y, you'll hear the _ey being batted around the floor after the lights are out. Otherwise, It's probably under the fridge or behind something VERY heavy. Friday is a beautiful girl.

swamp4me said...

I'm fairly certain that she didn't eat it. The room is in total chaos with the move so the key is probably tucked into a nook or cranny. Please let that be the case...;)

You'll have to look to someone else to take that last kitty. I'm kittied out at the moment. If Flamebrain didn't have that cat-eating dog of his I know I could have gotten rid of one of my extras!

Glad you like the blog. The snake was a chunky monkey for sure!

I always seem to have a cat that loves the computer. My late cat, Bullet, was particularly fond of the computer. He was quite miffed when I switched from a standard monitor to a flat screen...

You are probably right. Friday loves to play with anything and everything. Tonight she decided that the broom I was using to sweep the floor was just a great big kitty toy. And thank you, she is a little cutie.