Keeping Things Rolling

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Things have been a little hectic lately. Busy at work, busy at home. I hope to get back to sharing the swamp with you soon. Meanwhile, I'm a little like this dung beetle...I've got my head down and I just keep pushing ;)


Anonymous said...

Swampy- While I miss your posts I know that you and Treebeard are busy getting ready for big changes in your life. Retirement and new home are big changes which you will both enjoy! Treebeard will never have enough time to do anything when he retires! I've arrived at the Texas State Park that I'm volunteering for. Looking forward to new things.


harttwins said...

Swampy - Hang in there. Treebeard's retirement will be great for the both of you! I speak from experience.

swamp4me said...

It will be nice when things settle down a bit. Living in two houses at once is a trifle confusing :) Have fun in Texas!

We're hanging. But I don't know if I can be seen hanging out with all you old retired guys ;)