Naughty Bear

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Bears gone bad. What are you gonna do? A naughty bear has been tasting the platform at the end of our boardwalk. See those black hairs caught in the wood?
So far it's been just a little nibble and a little pawing...but bears have a thing for treated wood. I have a feeling this misbehaving fellow will be back!
Oh well, it makes an interesting teaching point during interpretive programs ;)


pablo said...

Can you perhaps spray that with something to deter the bear?

Lynne said...

Why do you suppose they like treated wood?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

How are you sure it isn't Bigfoot(s)?

Anonymous said...

I hope bad bear didn't get a belly ache from snacking on the treated lumber. Not to mention, perforated intestine from splinters.


Island Rider said...

I do not know if it will work for bears, but they make stuff to spray on wood to keep horses from chewing on it. I enjoy your blog.

Floridacracker said...

Oh come on, it's bearly damaged.

Dani said...

What would we do without FC? LOL

nina said...

When we were just recently in the Pacific Northwest, we saw many logging operations and heard they also battle bears for the cambium in the trees.
They've resorted to creating bear feeding stations, so they can offer what bears crave--at a point away from where they can cause damage.

Hmm. Maybe cook up a batch?

swamp4me said...

I don't know of anything that we could use to deter them. They don't seem to bother synthetic lumber, but that is incredibly costly.

Dunno...but they do. They will even gnaw on wood treated with penta. Interesting critters, bears.

No bad smell present...Bigfoot is supposed to be really smelly ;)

They are tough beasties - and curious to a fault. Considering some of the things they eat I'm thinking they have cast iron innards!

island rider,
I'll have to check into that. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

Yeah, yeah. Did you type that with a straight face? ;)

That is something I hope we never find out -- but don't tell him I said so, it might go to his head :D

We are slowly switching out our sign posts with metal ones to try to help the bears kick their habit. I don't think the bears are after the lumber because of being hungry -- I think it is recreational chewing.