October Hike

No, obscure is not a descriptive term here, it is a common name. The hopper in the photo appears to be Schistocerca obscura, aka Obscure Bird Grasshopper. It's kind of hard to tell for sure while it's all soft and pale but given its size and where it was, the ID is probably correct. It's Treebeard's ID and I trust him ;)

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We saw a load of green treefrogs on the spider hike this afternoon...but I will restrain myself and not post any of them. Although, they were the cutest things...

Since it was a spider hike, I feel I must post at least one picture of a spider. In deference to my sister-in-law and FC, both of whom have an aversion to my eight-legged friends, I will limit myself to one spider photo.

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A green lynx spider enjoying an afternoon snack while guarding her egg case. Somehow I don't think the wasp is enjoying being the snack.

We saw all sorts of interesting things on this afternoon's hike, including a slender glass lizard. Unfortunately it moved too quickly for me to get a photograph. I do wish I could have recorded the sound it made as it slid through the dry leaves. Sounded like a zipper being zipped! Treebeard did his usual outstanding job of interpretation and education, dropping a bit of interesting info about nearly all the varied species we found. If you ever have an opportunity to take a walk with him, either before or after he retires, I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Me daughter and I love tree frogs. We see a few around our house, usually sitting on the siding. What are the best places to look for them at ? Is morning or evening better, or do you see them all the time ? We tend to see them more in the evening.
Love your blog and love all the critter pictures.

Woodduck said...

Enjoyed your Sun. images and blog...thanks

Check out your link to Wren's Blog. It's changed: http://wrenaissance.com/

swamp4me said...

At my house I tend to find treefrogs behind the shutters, behind the downspouts of the gutters and in the shrubbery. I also tend to see quite a few in the section of the yard that we do not mow - it is full of tall plants like dog fennel. The treefrogs seem to like to hang out on the fennel. I also see tons of treefrogs out along the roadside near the millpond. Most of the time they are just hanging out on a stick, stem or leaf. As for time of day, I see them at all times! Of course, I live in a very froggy place and consider myself quite lucky :)

Thanks for reminding me about the link. I keep forgetting to change it. Scatterbrained!

Anonymous said...

Swampy- I would have called it ghostly! Beautiful shot! How many days does Treebeard have left? How many days before you move?

swamp4me said...

If they get the gutters up this week we should start moving in next week. Treebeard's last work day is the 31st -- Trick or Treat!!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I've heard of a bird hikers (aka birders) but never of spider hikes! Does that make your a spider-er?

There must be a more official name.

Regardless, I like the concept: spiders are under appreciated, but that also makes them more interesting.

swamp4me said...

How about spiderist? arachnider? ;) And yes, I agree, spiders due tend to be under appreciated.

Amanda said...

I am absolutely in love with your blog. I am a Louisiana transplant living in the Pacific Northwest and I do miss the swamps. Seeing your blog made me homesick. I do not miss the ticks however!!

nina said...

No tree frogs?
(they're my favorite)

But, that grasshopper is pretty nice to look at!

swamp4me said...

Welcome! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. It's always great to hear from a fellow swamp lover.

I took about 15 pictures of tree frogs on the hike, but decided not to post any of them ;) Trying to practice a little restraint...