Taking a Break, Part II

Just a few images from the swamp we visited on Saturday.
It is an area rich with wildlife - particularly of the herp variety. We saw numerous turtles, snakes and lizards, all taking advantage of a warm October afternoon. I'll post some of the critter photos later in the week.

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Root ball from a blow-down

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It's kinda thick out there!

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Smilax berries

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Nyssa biflora berries


pablo said...

Those are smilax berries, eh? I have a variety of smilax in my woods. I'll have to look for the berries (if the critters haven't gotten to them first).

swamp4me said...

Those berries are from Smilax walteri. Some of the other species of Smilax have black to bluish black berries.

Anonymous said...


You really should enter some of your photos into some photo contests. The "thick" one is incredible!


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Yes, it was really muggy down here, in a big blanket of tropical air. Even some rain. But Cold air has moved in ... and the brunt of it will be here in a day or two. We'll have our first night since May where temperatures drop below 60 F.

Marvin said...

The colder air is on it's way having moved through the Ozarks Sunday evening. Awesome photos!