Hen Party

Out in the yard, in the pouring rain, a party was taking place. Twenty-three hen turkeys and three jakes wandered around the side yard nibbling on whatever they came across. Early this morning I had heard a couple of toms just across the road, gobbling as hard as they could gobble. Guess they must have been napping when the ladies decided to go for a stroll.

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It's cold and rainy with a northeast wind blowing. The weatherman says we may get snow. Hmmm...seems I've heard that tale before. I'll let you know if we get any of the white stuff.


Les said...

I found your blog from the Festival of the Trees. Is your millpond Merchant's Millpond? It is one of my favorite places, and even though it is not that far from me, I don't get there often enough. Your site has some great tree pics and wildlife too, including the hens enjoying their party.

KaHolly said...

We had a hen party on our property yesterday, too! They returned 3 separate times during the course of the day!

swamp4me said...

It is indeed! I am very happy to hear it is one of your favorite places and I hope you find the time to wander this way more often. On this blog it is referred to as either the home swamp or just the millpond -- makes my life less complicated that way ;)

It always makes me feel connected when I hear that similar things are going on in different places. We got some "Maine-ish" weather our way today, but no accumulation :(

Anonymous said...

Swampy- Our hens have been having a party for several weeks but the toms are also doing their strut. Harems will form soon. The toms love it when the fire crew backs their trucks up with the beep beep beep warning. They all gobble vocally! That's all from Texas. Was in Washington last week lobbying for greater refuge system funding and greater protection of habitat. Go figure! Maineiac

swamp4me said...

We always knew you were a tree-hugger at heart. You just got trapped in the corporate world for a while... ;)

Floridacracker said...

We often have to slow for big flocks crossing the road, but I have yet to see any set foot on PFHQ.

swamp4me said...

Turkeys wander through the yard of the new house on a regular basis. Treebeard and I enjoy sitting on the front porch early in the morning and listening to toms gobble over in the swamp across the road.