Going In To Work

Traffic was a real bear today...three bears, actually. This is the only one I was able to get a picture of however. Sorry about the grainy quality -- we are having air issues here thanks to the fire that is still burning.
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Floridacracker said...

He/She looks so healthy!

swamp4me said...

We grow 'em big around here. Her hair was really shiny, too. Pretty bear.
I saw a bear the other day that looked a little ragged. He was a young one who had been rolling around in the dirt on the road ;)

Pushesrb said...

That's a beautiful bear. Her coat is so healthy! With the hazy path, it's an awesome picture.

Anonymous said...

That grainy quality makes the photo. Looks like a postcard.

"Wish You Were Here"

swamp4me said...

Perhaps there are hidden health benefits to eating park signs ;) I'm pretty sure this is the bear who has been turning our mileposts into toothpicks.

Thanks :)

Marvin said...

I assume bears always have the right of way.

Anonymous said...


Bears eating wooden signs. Is that a sign of a vitamin deficiency? We always said that with horses. Of course I have a new kitten who likes to eat paper products. Go figure. Abundance of fox on the road this year. We have a family with 4 kits right down the road. Please tell me that you all got some rain finally?


Uncle Bear `;-)) said...

Wonderful photo. I would have loved to be with you when you took it, but I think I'd be very afraid.

Uncle Bear `;-))

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for spending time talking to us (Brits) about the bears and other animals when we bumped into you the other day.

Hope you enjoyed our website as much as we enjoyed your blog.

swamp4me said...

Oh yes, bears always have the right of way -- and that doesn't bother me a bit :)

I don't know what the bears are after when they gobble up our wooden posts -- sometimes I think they do it just for fun ;)
A new kitten, eh? Can't wait to me this one -- I'll bring paper products.
Yes! We are finally getting rain.

Uncle Bear,
The bears are really pretty shy. When they see us on the road they usually waste no time and head into the woods. I bet you wouldn't be too afraid if you saw one.

Hey Brits!
I enjoyed meeting you during your visit. Your website is great -- I am traveling vicariously through you, plus I am learning some interesting history.

nina said...

I like the silhouetted effect with light from behind.
Did you see the TV special the other night about Bear Haven in Alaska?
Shows bears as gentler animals than many would imagine--though potentially dangerous under certain circumstances.