This Poo's For You

Seems I'm the go-to girl for pictures of bear scat. Who knew? So, for the folks who have been searching for pictures of bear scat lately, here's some fresh poo for you. I stuck my foot in the pictures for scale. My foot is not dainty...I wear a women's size 10 - that's equivalent to a men's 8 for those of you with a broken chromosome ;) Please note that the second, uh, pile, is positively purple. Black bears do love blackberries...

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Anonymous said...

Holy toledo. Beat scat? I am not aware that I would have known what it is but the seeds makes it wild of some kind.

Your photograph, is, by the way, very good.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Marvin said...

Another item to add to your resume: Official Bear Scat Photographer

swamp4me said...

I am thinking about doing a bear scat through the year post. The scat changes character with the passing seasons :)

Oh yeah, that's me!