One-Eyed Jane

As Treebeard headed out the door after lunch yesterday he said, "Hey Swamp, you've got company." I stepped out onto the carport and sure enough, there was a visitor.

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I have kept a photographic record of all the box turtles I have seen here at the house for about the past 12 years. This one was not one of "mine." Cause for excitement around here.

Take a good look at this turtle. Notice something a little odd about her eye?...It's not there. Yep, it's a one-eyed turtle. Her left eye was perfectly normal, her right was non-existent. She was in pretty good shape so I guess it hasn't caused her too much problem. We tossed her a piece of plum and a couple of blueberries. She gobbled up our offerings and then headed off back into the yard.

Carry on my little friend -- I've got you on my list now. You're one of mine.


pablo said...

Nice angle on that photo. Not sure I would have thought of that. Can I steal it?

Tom said...

Very interesting. It appears that this box turtle has a tiny little "fake" eye that doesn't work, at least that what it looks like Did it? I once found a painted turtle that looked like it had lost its eye and and then had a small non-functioning eye grow to replace it. It was quite strange, now that I think about it.


Wren said...

Neat picture. I'm constantly amazed at how well animals adapt to compensate for injuries.

Hugh said...

What a sweet turtle.

You live in a great place, where these little tanks full of history trundle around. How completely lovely.

swamp4me said...

Just grab your camera and plop down on the ground face first -- angle achieved :)

There was some sort of structure in the eye socket and the turtle made blinking motions even though the lid seemed to be fused in some fashion. Very strange looking.

I have seen some odd things out there, particularly in turtles. Such resilience!

We are lucky to have such rich diveristy here. Box turtles are by far my favorite turtle - and I like your description, they are little tanks full of history.

thingfish23 said...

When I enlarge this photo, it looks like a still from a Ray Harryhausen film.

swamp4me said...

Yep, she could have been a star -- but I don't know if she would like being in a "monster" movie ;)