Wordless Wednesday

I intended for this to be a Wordless post, but it seems to be causing some confusion among my readers. This is a picture of an ant hill, not an ant lion's trap. An ant lion larva, aka doodlebug, builds a concave trap downward into the soil with no hole visible in the center. The ant lion larva then waits until an unsuspecting critter falls into the trap.

I watched the ants building this mound and I thought it had an interesting appearance. Sorry for any confusion!

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lowspeed said...

Hey y'all,
I've been enjoying the photos and information on your site. I miss seeing you guys, hope to see you later this year, maybe at the holidays.
Your "little nephew"

Jane said...

A wasp burrow? but which one? Jane

swamp4me said...

lowspeed! How's it going, Shorty? ;) Glad you're enjoying your virtual trip to the swamp.

Good guess, but it's not a wasp burrow, it's an ant hill. Unfortunately, I have no idea which species of ant.

Susan said...

I used to see something like this in South Florida. As children, we called them "ant lion holes." If a foreign traveler entered the sandy bowl, the ant lion would rush out and drag it into the darkness.

swamp4me said...

We have those ant lion pitfall traps around here, too. I've watched a hapless insect wander in and be unable to climb the sides of the trap to get out. Insidious, but effective ;) This ant hill was considerably larger that an ant lion pit. It measured about 3 inches across.

Uncle Bear `;-)) said...

According to the little "Golden Guide" the creature that makes the mound Swampy photographed is the Ant Lion (Myrmeleontidae). These creatures are found nation-wide, but especailly in the SW part of the U.S.Hope this helps.

swamp4me said...

Sorry, Uncle Bear, but it's not the work of an ant lion. It's actually an ant hill. I'll amend the post so folks will know what they are looking at :)

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to wager that you had a substantial amount of rain within 12 hours of this construction. Ants will create these levees when they sense a strong weather change.

Watch the hill and see the different configurations it adopts over time.

Jenn/ Garden Djinn

swamp4me said...

Thanks for the info. I will definitely keep an eye on these guys!

Marvin said...

It does look as if the ants are preparing for high tide. Did it rain?

swamp4me said...

We expected rain but never got any that day.