Itty Bitty Bear

In a drying mud puddle I spied the cutest little bear tracks I have ever seen. The tracks may be hard for you to make out, but they are there. They were very small for this time of year - hope the little cub makes it.

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Front foot with my reading glasses for scale.

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Back foot. The sun came out when I was taking this picture, changing the color of the mud.


Susan said...

Hi. Do you ever feel intimidated by the bears? How do you guard against confrontations or attacks when you're out during the day?

Floridacracker said...

Ahh,the everpresent reading glasses. I have them stashed everywhere.


swamp4me said...

I never really worry about the bears. When I am out in the woods I make enough noise to let the bears know I'm there and they usually head the other way.

Reading glasses are a necessity these days. I, too, have them stashed everywhere -- hey, hey, ain't it great! We were born in '58!