I'm Hungry!

The hummers are very hungry this morning. We have four 1-quart feeders out, each with 10 feeding ports. All the ports on all the feeders are occupied, some with waiting lines. It can be crazy out there in the side yard when these little dynamos get into a feeding frenzy. I took this picture through the window from the safety of the kitchen ;)


Anonymous said...

That is incredible, both the event and the photo. Does this happen often?

Susan said...

I love hummers! What do you feed them?

I've resisted putting out feeders because I don't think sugar water is as good for the birds as natural sources. What are your thoughts on that?

Melody said...

No way! What a photo. I been keeping my feeder clean and fresh and have only seen 1 hummer. Maybe I should put out a couple more. I have other offerings around too like rose of sharon, marsh mallow and trumpet vine, all right there for them. It is kinda of cozy. Thanks for posting this photo. Loved seeing them all.

Pushesrb said...

Wow, that's amazing! And to think, I get all excited when I have the mighty number of three at mine! I know a few people who would LOVE to see that! Margo's dad is a hummer FANATIC. I'm going to email him this picture, if you don't mind :)

Tom said...

This totally blew me away. I'm wondering what the world record for hummingbirds at one feeder is!? This has to be it. Incredible.


Rurality said...

Holy crap! That's a lot of hummers. :)

nina said...

That's unbelieveable!
I always thought multiple ports were to give the hummers choices of which spot to feed from. Our birds never allow another to feed at the same time.

Maybe it's the size? I may try a larger feeder--
I would love to have a frenzy like this!

swamp4me said...

About three times a day the hummers get crazy and fill all the feeder ports. The rest of the time there are about 10 to 15 coming and going constantly.

We feed a 4:1 water to sugar mix. We have plenty of natural food for them in the form of native flowers and loads of insects for them to hawk. I don't worry about the effect of the sugar water -- it is just a supplement to their regular diets.

It is very good that you keep your feeder clean and fresh - so many people just put one out and sort of forget it. It's also great that you have a nice assortment of flowers for them to use, too!

Three is a good number :) The reason we have so many is our location. And of course I don't mind that you emailed the picture.

Location, location, location ;) We have had as many as 60 hmmers feeding at one time in the past. Since we are moving away from this house this fall we have decreased the amount we are feeding this year.

Yep, it's a bunch of birdies. Greedy little suckers, too. We have feed a little over 70 pounds of sugar this year.

It is a trip to stand out next to the feeders when they come in droves. I can put my finger on the base of a feeder and if I stand still hummers will come in and land on my hand. Such a little thrill :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many crazy little thingies! There must be something too yummy in the feeder to resist temptation!

Marvin said...

I'd hate to be caught alone and unprotected outside if the feeders ran dry.

It's an amazing shot.

swamp4me said...

They do go nuts for their sugar water!

It can be a tad intimidating when they are all zooming around with those long bills.