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Meet my grandpuppy, the amazing Grace. Yes, she's a pit bull, but don't let that scare you. She's the most even-tempered dog I've ever met.
The amazing thing about Grace is that she is deaf and blind. My younger son, Flamebrain, adopted her when the lady that had her had to give her up. (Seems Grace has a tendency to chew on cats if they get too close to her.)
Normally I'm not a fan of pit bulls, but you gotta love your grandkids, right? And she really is very sweet -- as long as you aren't feline.

And while we're on the subject of "dog" breeds I don't particularly care for...
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Meet my niece, Ratdog (not her real name).
Yes, you're right...she's not a dog, she's a chihuahua. But she's a sweetie - go figure.
I don't like chihuahuas, but I like her.
Oh well, that's how it is with family.


Anonymous said...

Ratdog and I enjoyed your visit very much along with the boys and Grace. You must send me a copy of the picture of Ratdog. I can't believe she finally sat still enough for you to photograph her.

Love, SIL

swamp4me said...

Will do. Give Ratdog a kiss from her auntie :)

Crowe said...

Grace looks adorable. I thought she was an English Bull Terrier at first glance. Charlie shares her desire to chew on cats, but he's never managed to catch one.


pablo said...

We now have a grand-dog, and it's part rat-dog. My wife flew halfway across the country to stay with our daughter for a week after she and her husband brought the puppy home. It's part chihuhua and part Boston terrier.

swamp4me said...

Grace is adorable and has a remarkably soft coat. My son is extremely patient with her and is coming up with non-verbal, non-visual ways to give her corrections when necessary. She is a happy dog.

Wow, now that is a powerhouse mix: rat-dog and Boston. If you could bottle up all that energy and sell it to those of us 50 and over you'd be a billionaire!

Susan said...

What a beautiful Pit Bull! They ARE naturally sweet dogs.

Melody said...

How good of your son to take in a dog that has been handed 3 challenges with life. I agree, pit bulls are sweet. Gracie looks happy and well. What happens if you let a cat sit in your lap and then go visit Gracie I wonder. Ratdog is a cutie too!

swamp4me said...

It was very surprising the first time I met Grace. You figure a dog that can't see or hear is going to be nervous and jumpy. When Grace bumped into me she immediately responded by wagging her tail and nuzzling my hand.

Flamebrain is a compassionate soul. Grace was a stray who was taken in by a rescue group who placed her with the adoptive parent who had the cat. The cat-owner was heart-broken to give Grace up, but Grace would have killed her cat. She boarded Grace at the vet where my son works and he fell in love with her. After one more unsuccessful placement he said he would take Grace.
You're okay if you smell like a cat. I have two cats and Grace didn't react badly to me. She went insane over the handful of cat fur I had combed out of my cat though!

Anonymous said...

Does the pit bull know who the ratdog is--it might be a cat to him.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo

swamp4me said...

Grace has a very discriminating sense of smell. Luckily, Ratdog smells like a dog (no offense Ratdog!) so Grace did not mistake her for a cat.

Anonymous said...


This is not a Ratdog, this is a Mexican Freetail Batdog! You have not correctly identified this species. She's looking a little chunky from the last time I saw her. Needless to say, if you come visit again with Flamebrain Grace will have to stay home as I don't want her eating my cats! She is a beautiful dog and Flamebrain shows the compassion and appreciation he got from his parents!


swamp4me said...

You know, I believe you are correct. It is a Mexican free-tail batdog. And yes, she is a little chunkier now (SIL, you know it's true). Don't worry, Flamebrain has friends willing to dog-sit if necessary :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, Swampy, you and Maineiac have had your fun at Ratdog's expense. She only weighs 5 lbs and the vet thinks that is okay.
Considering the chunky cats you both have, she is tiny in comparison. But, because she loves you both, you are forgiven.

SIL and Ratdog

swamp4me said...