Gossip Gulls

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Work took us to another park today, Pettigrew State Park in Tyrell County. We were helping out as presenters for the park's annual Indian Heritage Week. Fourth graders rolled in by the busload. Treebeard taught them about hunting with the atlatl and the bow and I talked to them about the wildlife of the area and how Native Americans depended on the animals for many of their needs. It was fun -- tiring, but fun. Other rangers from different parks and volunteers from the community will man the stations for the remainder of the week. Hope their experiences are as good as ours were today.

I've written about Pettigrew in past posts. It is an interesting place. If you ever find yourself in Tyrell County, near the town of Creswell, I recommend that you take the time to visit the park. Lake Phelps features prominently in the landscape of the park. It is some 16,000 acres in area and averages somewhere around four feet deep. The gulls and terns sure like it. They were lined up on the pier today enjoying a cool breeze -- a welcome break after yesterday's stifling temperatures in the 90s.


Woodduck said...

Glad you're back in business, with a fast connection.

I'd like to see him with the atlatl some time.

I shoot longbows and recurves. Gave my bow with 'training wheels' away.

The bow in my avatar was made for me by Fred Anderson, in the Cascade Mountains. He wrote a book about Traditional Archery, your Treebark might like...a kindred spirit...

swamp4me said...

Your bow is beautiful. There is a certain magic in wooden bows that is absent in modern composites.