Hunkerin' Down

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Tropical Storm Hanna may be paying us a visit in the next couple of days, thus we are taking precautions. Loose items are being secured, vehicles gassed up, generators checked, water stored, etc. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that our brand new, nearly completed house comes through unscathed...ah, the joys of home-ownership.


Hugh said...

I was looking at the path, wondering if your gutters had been put on yet. (Really.)

Think of it as the baptism.

Take care.

Cute toad. (aren't they all?)

Melody said...

Awww...even the toad is preparing for Hanna. Cute little fella. He looks like he was taking a nap. Heard earlier today that Jim Cantori was already on Hatteras Island, giving glowing reports on its beauty, Hatteras that is. Boy do we need a good soaking. Your house looks good and sturdy. This will be a good roof and window leak test before the contractor finishes. Hope everything passes.

Woodduck said...

Hope you stay high and dry.
Don't forget a water supply for pets and livestock.

I will put out a big tub and fill with water. Good thing to do with a canoe, too. Don't want if flying around.

I hope you have an old-fashioned pump and the vandals don't steal the handle...ref.Bob Dylan...happy trails

swamp4me said...

We are expecting a big ole mud puddle following the storm. They just put the septic tank and distribution field in yesterday so there is no vegetation in the "yard" now - just dirt. No gutters yet, guess we will have quite a drip line if we get much rain out of this system.
Toads are such endearing little beasties.

That toad is a trip. He hangs out on the west side of the office, either dug in like you see him in the picture, or following the shade line of the roof as the sun moves through the day.
I hope we get a good soaking out of this storm -- could do without the wind, though :)

Flying canoes are indeed a bad thing. Batten down and hang on!

Jen said...

Keeping you and the house in our thoughts this weekend. Stay dry (inside anyway)

Floridacracker said...

How appropriate that THIS storm should come to you.
Be careful and safe.
Looks like you will finally get that rain you've been wishing for.

swamp4me said...

Thanks, all good thoughts are appreciated! At least we are getting some much needed rain out of this system.

Yep, storms that have names of members of the family bear close watching :) We are on the "bad" side of the storm -- keeping an eye out for tornadoes -- but we are expecting some pretty good rain showers out of it.

Woodduck said...

I am missing your bloggin'...hope y'all are just busy with the house.

swamp4me said...

Thanks. Everything is okay here.

Woodduck said...